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I am having serious problems with formatting on LJ. Anyone else? Anyway...

Thank you romanyg  ! You are wonderful. (And if other people don’t already know that about Romany, go and read THIS PIECE OF GENIUS RIGHT NOW. You will hurt yourself laughing if you have ever watched Smallville and you have any kind of sense of humour.)

Congratulations alibi_factory  ! You were the first to correctly identify the Withnail and I quotes on last nights icons. Which means you get this prize: 


And  theotherej  wins for spotting the Napolean Dynamite quotes. You, darlin,  get this:


Yes, it's true, I worked hard on those prizes.

“Personally, I blame MTV,” and “I feel like all I’ve done my whole life is be pretty,” are from Lord of War.

“This truth shit is fun!” is from Trigger Happy (aka Mad Dog Time)

“I was wondering if I could fuck you,” is from Six Degrees of Separation.

And, “Fuck. Is what I’m thinking.” Is from The Fly, which is a very good film with an amazing script, my favourite line from it being:

“I'm an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it. But now the dream is over... and the insect is awake.”

GIVES ME CHILLS EVERY TIME. The ending of that film is so gross though. *shudders*


Uh… a few quick comments about last night’s Studio 60 behind the cut. But first can I just say how happy it makes me that they air this show in Canada first so I get to see it BEFORE the Americans. SUCK ON THAT BITCHES. 

  I was SO happy to see Jack drunk and angry and having a go at Danny QUITE RIGHTLY about the UN show. I mean, I’m on Jordan’s side, of course, but Jack isn’t wrong: NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE UN. And God he’s so hot when he’s being a bitch. I am disappointed that we haven’t had a scene between Jack and Jordan in a few weeks but at least we got SOME Jack this week. It’s amazing how much I want to have sex with that man.

Jordan is the most charming, wonderful, funny woman EVER. I loved her at the party, searching for friends and just being awesome and cool. SHE IS MY NEW GIRLFRIEND. Do you think there’s a chance that she and Jack will realise that they are MFEO? Just imagine the bitchy banter while he pummels her from behind! SIGH.

Okay, are we supposed to want Matt and Harriet to get back together? Because I don’t. I want them to move on and shut the fuck up about it. I’m not feeling it and I’m starting to suspect I never will. I don’t think it’s badly written or anything, but they’re spending a lot of time on it and they keep *telling* us what a big deal their love for each other is and I just… I don’t CARE because I haven’t been *shown* it.

I think eventually Jordan and Danny are going to get it on, and while okay, it’s not quite Jordan/Jack, I think I can get on board with it because they’re taking their time and *earning* it.

I really liked the story with Matt and Simon going to find a Black writer for the show because yeah, they have *none*, and while Matt’s talented, he’s VERY White. It’s a great issue for the show to tackle and they handled it well: I loved how rubbish and clichéd the first comedian was and how angry and embarrassed Simon was. And then to finish that story by finding a Black comedian who was a *terrible* stand-up but with some extremely smart and original ideas was just brilliantly feel good (this show does ‘feel good’ better than any other on TV, seriously).
I have a couple of S60 icons but I really want an icon of Jordan or Jack or Jordan and Jack. Does anyone know of anyone who’s made any?
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