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Tom Welling

Sometimes when I look at photos of Tom, my chest hurts. He is So Gorgeous. Like, *inhumanly* gorgeous. Like, it's not even funny how beautiful he is and I'm not even laughing. I just like to *gape* and curse the world for not making more like him. I've saved several pictures that prove how right I am about this, though I have to say, looking at them all at once is likely to kill you.

I mean, really. What's with the hair and the bone structure and the clenched jaw? That's just way too hot to exist.

I'd like to lock him in my bedroom and put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door for eternity.

Well yes. This promo gave me a heart attack and is now tiled as my wallpaper so I can have more heart attacks whenever the hell I like.

My current favourite photo of Tom. He's looking straight at me! And wherever I go his eyes follow me! *falls in love*

Yeah, I can't remember where I found this or who made it, but it's a fucking work of art. My boys, my boys. *fondles them both*

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