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SV S6 04 Arrow

What a brilliant episode. I did a scene by scene commentary.

First off, I *love* the title "Arrow", because it's so cool.

Clark and Ollie's first meeting! Much gay flirting and just *gayness* and really very pretty everything. Clark, of course, doesn't trust this hot young billionaire one iota. He's been there, you see. And he got burned. Good for you for being wary, Clark! You're learning!

I'm finding Lex and Lana's happiness to be highly unsettling. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? I will never get used to seeing either of them happy. No one is allowed to be happy on SV, except maybe Chloe.

Lionel is back! I didn't realise I missed him until I heard that voice of his. And his snarky superiority complex is thrilling.

Now, Lana. She's finally an important part of the story in a way I can get on board with. But "Lex's equal?" I think not. Lex has not "finally met his equal" and I'm choosing to believe that Lionel was being sarcastic. Lex's *equal*. Just NO. I like Lana now but please don't insult me. Anyway, Lionel reminds Lana that she was prepared to kill Lex and then smoothly convinces her that Lex is, in fact, still dangerous. What impressed me most was her declaration that being with Lex means protecting Lex from himself. Highly perceptive! She's not stupid, is our Lana. I also love her acceptance of that and her willingness to do it.

Lois and Oliver continue to be sexy with each other, which pleases me. HOW HOT IS OLLIE? I am really quite smitten with him. Justin Hartley has such a nice way about him; I love his layed back delivery, his distinctive voice, the way he looks at the other actors. He has great chemistry with everyone (not unlike MR).

The Green Arrow costume is fucking hot. Seriously. One of the sexiest I've ever seen. Goddamit it's a sleeveless leather HOODIE. It's all LEATHER. And SHADES. One million points.

Clark is SO DAMN COOL. God, I really really love seeing Clark using his powers to defend himself in such an effortless way, it's sexy as fuck. And I love that the only reason Arrow got away is because Clark went to help the injured man without even thinking about it. Okay, if he'd given it a second's thought, he could have grabbed a hold of Arrow before tending to the sick man. It's not like he would have lost any time, what with his superspeed and all that, but still! He did the right thing. And I'm pleased Arrow escaped.

Um. Where did Lana go and who the hell is this total stranger? She's *blackmailing* people now? Okay then!

Clark's all, "he's really good" when talking about the Green Arrow. I love that he doesn't take any responsibility for GA's escape. Uh Clark? You let him go like a big dunce. It's not that he's good, it's that you're a dummy.

Dammit Clark! Work it out! He basically just TOLD you he was the Green Arrow. How does Oliver know so much about this guy? BECAUSE HE'S HIM. *thumps Clark over the head*

Yes Clark. You've seen the crest before. AT OLIVER'S HOUSE. Clark finally gets it. (Thank God he's pretty.)

OMG! And then Clark falls madly in love with Oliver when he sees all the good work he's been doing.

Arrow saving Lois was AWESOME. He really is entirely made of cool. And Lois was very brave and fiesty even with imminent death on the line! Out of a choice between cake and death, Lo chooses DEATH.

Okay, Lana's motivations made clear now. She not only wants to protect Lex, she wants to protect the WORLD. Stop being so perfect, Lana. It's getting old.

Lois is hardcore and I dig it. Nice moves sista! But I'm so so very happy that Clark helped Ollie keep his identity secret. That's LOVE PEOPLE. It's about time Clark found himself a hot new boyfriend.

Oh baby baby BABY. Those two are SO HOT together.

"Oliver Queen. You owe me one." ONE WHAT CLARK? One blowjob. THAT'S what.

"Why did you let me get away?" asks Ollie. Oh that's easy. Because you're GORGEOUS.

Why does Clark want Ollie to return the necklace to Lionel though?

Yes Oliver, that's Clark's sexy ass you're watching as he swaggers away from you. I'm looking at it too.

Chloeeee! She clocks that Clark knows who the GA is straight away! And yes'm there certainly IS a secret code among superheroes. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW.

Lois's belligerent vendetta against the Green Arrow is already making me tired. Why is she being so retarded? He's quite clearly not what she thinks he is and she of ALL people should know that. He saved her life. He steals from evil people and gives to the needy. Does that mean nothing to her? She's got her fingers in her fucking ears because for some reason it suits her to believe that Arrow is a bad guy. I guess so she can get another front page on the Inquisitor? WTF.

Okay, that Lex and Lionel scene is my all time favourite ever. WOW. Lex is so in control now and he actually unsettled Lionel! Without even trying! I love that he was testing Lana, I love that he got Lionel onboard, I love that he *knows* that Lionel won't betray him to Lana, I love that the Lex/Lana relationship is COMPLETELY FUCKED UP because Lex is a VERY BAD MAN, I love how fucking sexy Lex looks in black. Mostly I love that he mentioned the Kents. I.e. CLARK. Yes, he's referring to Martha as well, but it's Clark who's REALLY on his mind.

Ollie just proposed to Clark! He invited him to be his superhero boyfriend! Yet another example of Clark not coming up with any ideas all on his own but very romantic nonetheless! JOY.

That was magical. If this keeps up I will be a very happy SV fangirl indeed.
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