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I haven’t talked about porn for a while, but rest assured I’ve been thinking about it.

I keep seeing people say things like “I can’t read PWPs anymore,” or “I skip past the sex in fic now because it’s boring,” and, I dunno, even if I don’t know the person saying it, my feelings are a little hurt. /not really

I think… okay, porn is great and all, but not when it’s just a bunch of descriptions of sex acts. No matter how prettily the sex is worded, I’m not going to get hot if all I’m reading about is people stripping and blowing and fucking and coming and being hot and sweaty and in love, and nought else.

Believe it or not, that’s not what I’m after in my porn.

If I’m reading a PWP, the porn needs to drive the plot (yes PWPs should have a plot, even if it’s as simple as “Lex catches Clark masturbating in the barn”, which is the fine plot of many a SV story, including one of mine). 

There needs to be a reason for the sex, and it should cost the characters something. I want TENSION. I want it to be *difficult*. I want a build up, I want there to be more reasons for them NOT to fuck than there is for them TO fuck.

You want to write a PWP? Don’t jump right in to the fucking. All too often I’ve read PWPs that start with Clark and Lex getting down to it straight away with no rhyme or reason to it other than that they’re in an established relationship and they find each other very attractive. Well DUH. That’s all well and good but why am I expected to be as excited as the boys are at the *beginning* of the fic? It’s the author’s job to get me worked up, so when the sex happens, I’m ready for it.

I like porn that’s an organic part of the story, not incidental to it. I like porn that teaches me more about the characters. I like porn that is rife with complex emotion, porn that makes me think. I like porn that’s a bit wrong, a bit dangerous, a lot dirty.

If an author sticks a sex scene in just for the sake of it, just to up the rating of her fic so she gets more readers, then I’ll tend to agree with the people saying they’re bored with porn, because sex like that does tend to be boring. So what if the characters get naked and make love and have the best orgasms ever? WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON? It’s the ‘what else’ that makes the sex truly hot. IMO.

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