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SV S6 03 Wither

I think I want to talk about this episode in terms of the relationships.

Lex and Lana

I won't lie, I didn't really like Sneeze that much, it sort of killed my SV love for a second there, but baby it's BACK. I was annoyed at the fact that Lex and Lana hadn't consummated their relationship, but I did say that if I got to see their first time together I'd forgive all, so there it is. I love that Lex basically demanded sex. Personally I would have demanded it a lot sooner if I were him. Is she even paying him rent?

I wasn't that keen on Lex's costume (only because that neckline doesn't really suit MR) but I thought Lana did a bang up job of stripping him, because fuck knows how you'd even begin to unhook all that shit and she was all *ping, ping, clank*. Has she done that before? (Hussy.) Lex wins at hot, btw. That look on his face in that scene and the way he dug his fingers into her back was SEX.

The shadow of Clark hangs over their relationship, naturally. Although curiously, Lex is the one who's hung up on that, not Lana. Lana isn't even really thinking about Clark anymore (HOPEFULLY OMG) and is more worried about the fact that seeing Lex is a very bad idea because he is a very bad man (or because she's afraid of herself or whatever). Don't get me wrong, I love Lex to itty bitty pieces, but clearly we're not meant to be rooting for this relationship. Which is the very reason I am rooting for it. Not because I want them to go and have babies, but because I want to see Lana's descent into darkness at the hands of such an irredeemable character (who can, you know, give her multiple orgasms). She's different around Lex: more self aware, more confident, harder, saucier, more adult. And we know that things aren't going to be all sunshine and bunny rabbits. It's going to be Fucked Up. WHOO!

Clark and Lex

They're basically enemies now and that's... not easy for us Clexers to cope with. They aren't going to be friends again and I'll be surprised if we get given Clex scenes that aren't teeming with animosity from here on in. On the other hand, TW and MR still have the most extraordinary chemistry with each other, so their rare scenes together just sizzle with heat. The gay subtext IS still there, and SV still throws us many bones. Chloe's crack about  "a threesome" was gold dust and the boys act far more like exes than Clark and Lana do. I'll say it again, Lex is the one who brought up Clark when he was bitching at Lana. And Clark talks to Lex like... well Clark knows Lex the BEST. Poor jealous Clark.

Also, fuck Tommy looked hot in this ep. Hi the invincible red jacket!! And HI BLUE T-SHIRT. I love Clark's blue t-shirt(s).

Jimmy and Chloe

I think I may have to skip past any bitching about Jimmy in people's posts (if there is any) because I LOVE HIM. He's SO CUTE AND FUNNY. And he *loves* Chloe. Their makeout session was HOT. I was rolling my eyes at Chloe's "Let's take it slow" bullshit, but then yayity! I was not let down! Chloe POUNCED. Which makes total sense because Chloe has always been horny.

It pleases me greatly that we got to witness every character's - including the girls' - sexuality in this ep. Shock horror, my favourite theme. Lana got some, Chloe got some (not as much as Lana because they got interuppted but we know they woulda gone all the way given the opp), Lex got some, Clark FLIRTED (so so so adorable, even if he was flirting with a being of *pure evil*), Lois could have got some if she hadn't been so dumb. Which brings me to...

Lois and Oliver

Oh, my God. He's so fucking goddamn hot I can't even believe how blatantly shallow that piece of casting is. PLEASE let us see Oliver half naked and glistening with sweat in EVERY EPISODE FROM NOW ON, just PLEASE. That's not fair. I can barely remember the rest of that freaking scene! My only notes were: "Oliver. Hot. Sweating."

Needless to say, I really really really like Oliver. And he's handy with an arrow, and he looks good in tights, and oh yeah, he and Lex have a fascinating history.

Lex and Oliver

They used to fuck. There's no doubt in my mind. Points for telling me in detail about some of their boarding school shenanigans.
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