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Hello all. Hey, I really enjoyed reading your comments to yesterday's post and I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to everyone yet, but things got hectic and I was away from my puter for most of the day and... you know how it is. I have read everyone's responses though and you are all wonderful and interesting and smart and I thank you for being open and honest with me about a subject not many people talk about very often.

I'm off to Edinburgh in a few hours and I won't be back until Monday. I will try to keep up with the ol' flist, but if you don't see me around, assume I'm having the time of my life on my holiday. The occasion is my Lex's 40th birthday. I got him the BESTEST EVER GIFT. And I can even tell you what it is because Lex will be busy all day getting ready for his party so he won't be looking at my journal.


You should see it; it's so sexy and so beautiful.

Is it ridiculous that, even though I haven't left yet,  I'm already looking forward to coming home, because on my return I will get to watch Smallville, BSG and more of S2 of The L Word (which arrived yesterday and which I love so much omg).

Have fun while I'm gone. And, in the immortal words of Ms Branch, my old violin teacher, don't do anything I would do! (She used to say that at the end of every lesson, as I was leaving. *shakes head sadly*)

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