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Jesus, what a show. They've tipped the entire thing on its head and I love them for it. Everything has changed, it's darker than it's ever been, and that's saying something.

When cylons fall in love it's pathological. They're in love for keeps. Only Sharon has loved more than one man, but no matter what incarnation of Sharon we're dealing with, she still loves - dearly loves - both Helo AND the Chief. Six's love for Gauis is the most interesting, because he's such a flawed man, yet she passionately loves him, everything about him, and forever. Six will never not love Gauis, no matter what he does.

Likewise, Leoben loves Kara no matter how many times she kills him. Okay, I have to say this out loud. I TOTALLY ship those two now. I don't know what it is about CKR but... oh wow, he's creepily hot. And when Kara grabbed hold of his hand at the bed of their daughter, I gasped and felt really excited. Katee did a wonderful job in both episodes: it was so tragic seeing her imprisoned and helpless; this relentessly courageous force of life who never gives up. Trapped. I cried when she clutched the bars and screamed that she didn't belong, because nothing could be truer. And then for her to be given a child, and even though her brain wanted her to reject the child, her heart won out. So fucking disturbing and SO fucking good. Stockholm Syndrome anyone? (If she ends up fucking Leoben I might have kittens.)

How much do we love fat!Lee? HAHAHA. I think the reason I love him so much is because I know that we're going to see a makeover happen in coming episodes. The fat makeup is pretty good but it's clearly makeup, and I know I'm being shallow, but I'm gleefully anticipating the resurreciton of HotBuff!Lee. *flaps*

Pirate Tigh and his hooker wife continue to make it difficult for me to like them, but they're great characters. And GAETA. Good Lord he's pretty.

I really hope Laura doesn't get shot. I'm pretty sure they won't kill her off but at the same time I'm not sure at all. She's one of my favourite female characters of all time and the show needs her. She's essential.

Anyway, basically I'm reeling with love. What a fucking show.
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