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SV S6 02 Sneeze


He's hot. And funny. His delivery of the line "oh God," in response to the news that Lex had been abducted pretty much made me fall in love with him. Yay for giving us a hot new baddie! Also, clearly he and Lex gave each other a lot of blowjobs when they were in boarding school together.

Lois can't spell!!!! That bit made me squeal and clap my hands like a seal. I also loved seeing Clark develop a new power, and have such fun with it and, naturally, use it to save the day. Rather, to save Lex and Lana's life, managing to keep himself hidden from them, but to somehow get spotted by the surviving bad guy. No points for hiding, Clark. You lose at hiding.

The main bad guy was lamer than lame; a rubbish actor delivering rubbish dialogue badly. I have to admit, I found a lot of Lex's scenes kind of painful to watch, and not in a good way. The story felt like a rehash; seeing Lex get kidnapped and shot is not very original storytelling and I couldn't really be bothered with it. Also disappointing is the explanation as to why Clark decided to save Lex: because maybe Lex really does remember what happened. Now, if, in fact, Lex does remember what happened, then that explanation might have been interesting. But they've made it pretty clear that that's not the case, so really, it was just a way to remind us that Clark and Lex are estranged and that Clark isn't actually interested in saving Lex's life. Thanks, SV, I get it. Thank you for thumping me over the head with that astounding piece of news. Thank you for being pointless, because really, what the hell happened in that episode that actually means anything? Lex got kidnapped for NO REASON.

I can't tell whether Lionel really believes that Lex might be able to remember what happened, or whether he just used that as a way to convince Clark to help him. Did he really want his son back or was he protecting Clark's secret? I'm kind of sick of not understanding Lionel's motivations. Ambiguity can get tiresome after five years.

I enjoyed all the Chlark scenes this week. Clark is so sweet when he's sick, and it's always a pleasure to see Tom do a bit of comedy.

Lana was great again. I actually really love what a bitch she is to Clark. She's AWESOME at being a bitch. She also sees right through Clark now and it works for me that she's made the decision to not give him the time of day until he's honest with her, and she's not wavering from that position, finally. Clana will continue to work for me if they keep this up. You know, them having nothing to do with each other, except when Clark needs to save Lex or whatever.

Lexana... hmmm. Kinda bored me this week. I'd actually like to see them act more like a couple to be honest. And when I say that I mean, have them make out with each other a lot. Are they even fucking? Why is she staying in a separate room? What kind of relationship is this? I don't understand. Smallville seems to be set in some kind of weird alternative universe where no one has sex. I mean HELLO. It's Lex freaking Luthor: SEX GOD. Imagine the fun the two of them could have with those cameras!

Clark's super breath is LOVE.
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