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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip!!!! And BSG!!!

Episode 2 made me *cry* with happiness. IT MADE ME CRY. What an extraordinary show! I love all of the characters, particularly Jordan (who I officially have a crush on. I'm always excited by new great female characters.) and Jack. I think I might ship those two already.  And of course the boys are fabulous. I'm so happy Matthew Perry has found such a stunning project, because following a show like Friends was never going to be easy, as evidenced by the work of the rest of the cast since it ended (not counting Lisa Kudrow who continues to make interesting films). The only character I'm not sold on so far is Harriet. I worry that it's because the actress doesn't appeal, because if that's the case I'll probably never like her. Hopefully she'll grow on me.

Episode 3

Yes I definitely ship Jack and Jordon. I know they will never get together, but let's face it, it would be totally hot if they did. Their CHEMISTRY. *happysigh*

I still don't like Harriet. She wears her Christianity on her sleeve in an annoying fashion and I don't think Sarah Paulson is a funny enough actress to pull off the part. I actually plan to start liking her though and I will try, because the casting is otherwise flawless and I have faith in the show. The more I get to know her the more I'll appreciate her I'm sure.

Amanda Peet, on the other hand, is SO WONDERFUL AND GORGEOUS AND SMART. And her character is complex and interesting and I already care about her.

The reason I love Jack so much is because, like Jordan, he defies his stereotype. He's hard as nails and he cares more about the business than he does about the show, but he's also clever and competent. Also, I find him extremely sexy.  I think it's his mean streak.

I can't believe I have to wait another five days before the next episode. *weeps*

And now for the last two episodes of Battlestar Galactica!

Speaking of which,

::spoilers up to Downloaded::

OMG BILLY. *cries and cries*

OMG SIX AND SHARON. I *lovelovelove* how Gauis appears to the new Six on Caprica. What a *brilliant* reversal, and SO romantic. This show is so freaking SMART. That Sharon and Six are going to work together against the cylons fills me with glee. Fuck this, I need to go watch the rest of the season right now.
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