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Prison Break Ep 7 S2


Why did Mahone kill Tweener? I DON'T UNDERSTAND. What does the line, "I've got nothing against you, kid. But they do," EVEN MEAN???

I have to admit, I didn't want Mahone to turn out to be psychotic, so I really hope he had a smart reason for doing that, I really do. Who is "they"? The prisoners? DAMN YOU PRISON BREAK. I can't believe Mahone's a murderer. I'm kind of crushed. Also, it means that Michael IS a better man than Mahone so that's killed the slash for me. :*(   Michael and Sara FOREVER.

Otherwise, the episode was good.

I just knew Kellerman had real feelings for Sara and I'm so happy about that because it means he'll be even more conflicted over what he has to do (releasing LJ was yet another stroke of genius). I also love that he didn't want her father to be killed (which I saw coming the moment he made that phone call). What is the key for?

Sara is obviously in danger but both Kellerman and Michael will do everything they can to keep her alive, and she's one of the few main characters I believe will survive the season so I'm not too concerned about her. They're building up to a reunion with Michael after all, and they're not going to cheat us out of that.

They got the money!! They have no getaway car but THEY GOT THE MONEY! \o/

The conversation Michael and Linc had about there being no such thing as an ex con was really moving, and Tweener tricking Mahone and visiting the girl instead was AWESOME TIMES A MILLION. And it makes me doubly pissed that someone like him got murdered in cold blood. Don't get me wrong, I have't lost my Mahone love, but it's become a little more precarious than it was.

The Sucre cliffhanger is kinda lame actually. I mean, I know he's not going to get them to turn themselves in so... anyway.

Michael is hotter than fire the end.
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