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Smallville S6 01; Zod

That was a great episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nicely paced, really exciting, very well acted, beautifully shot, and v v pretty. It also contained a marvellous scene with Clark and Zod flying together, in each other's arms, like two superboys in love.

But why didn't Clark show any emotion about Lex's injuries after he excorcised Zod? He didn't even check to make sure Lex wasn't dead. And why can't he speak to Lex? It hurts me. I refuse to believe that they no longer care about each other, but the show isn't making it easy.

Fortunately the gay imagery was all still present and correct, and the whole kneeling before Zod scene was just... STUNNINGLY GREAT. I was watching with my flatmate Nina, and squealing at her like a cat on speed throughout that scene. That was Smallville at its sexy, homoerotic best.


They held hands for SO LONG. And Clark saved him! And he saved the world ALL ON HIS OWN! It's wonderful to see Clark being such a hero, and hearing him talk to the chick in the phantom zone about doing whatever it costs, even if it costs him his life... I couldn't have loved him more.

I like Jimmy a whole bunch (how do I know that actor?) and he has lovely chemistry with Chloe.  I did feel sad when it became clear that Clark actually wanted something to maybe happen with Chloe. But then, naturally, he wussed out of following through, just because Jimmy entered the room. I mean, DUDE. If you really wanted her you'd make a bit more effort. I'm done with Chlark. I always loved the chemistry between TW and AM but they've stomped on that potential relationship too much and for far too long. As cute as they could be, I would rather Chloe was with someone who genuinely wanted her, and I get the feeling Clark only wants her because she's convenient.

I fucking loved Lana throughout. She's a strong character now, finally, and damn she's foxy. Her seduction of Zod was masterful, and her delivery of the line, "the first of many," near KILLED ME. Fucking AWESOME. Her plan, on the other hand, was only so-so. Personally, I would have screwed Zod's brains out and waited until he was sleeping before stabbing him. But that's just me!

Not caring even one iota about Lois I'm afraid, although the moment with Clark and their inappropriate handholding was a welcome comic reprieve.

I'm intriuged about what's going on with Lionel, I adore the demons from the phantom zone, but IF LEX REALLY DID LOSE ALL HIS MEMORIES. AGAIN. I'm writing in to complain.


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