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Project Smallville: End of Countdown PARTY!!!


Why? Because Smallville is on in a few hours. THAT’S WHY.

Welcome to the Season 6 Premiere Party! I will be your hostess! This is your opportunity to go NUTS, Smallville style. The countdown is now OVER.

Consider this party to be a free for all. Comment as much as you like to whomever you like. Everyone is welcome! If, however, you’re not actually a *fan* of Smallville, but you still wanna come party, that’s FINE, but you have to *pretend* to be rabidly infatuated with at least one SV character/actor, or I’ll throw your worthless ass out of here quicker than you can say “Tom Welling is the best actor of all time!”

Some rules:

1. Post pictures and screencaps! SV has the prettiest cast in television land and they all deserve to be appreciated.
2. Rave about how much you love the show!
3. Write snippets! The dirtier the better!
4. Flirt with fangirls!
5. Get drunk and dance on the tables!
6. Bitch and moan! But keep it amusing and light hearted!
7. Absolutely no spoilers whatsoever please and thank you! Keep everything you know about S6 (including icons of the trailer, yes THAT trailer) away from the party!
8. Tell all your friends!
9. HAVE FUN!!!

Now to get you all in the mood Kate-style, with a little bit of porn. Becky asked for something outdoorsy, so I bring you:

Clex in the Woods

“Mom! I’m going out for a walk!” Clark calls out, a second before shutting the door behind him.

“Okay!” she calls back.

It’s midnight but it’s still hot and Clark has spent much of today resisting the temptation to strip off all his clothes and hang about in the nude. The slight breeze outside is the only respite from the cloying humidity, but Clark likes the temperature now, and he likes how the night is brighter than usual, due to an enormous white full moon in the centre of the sky.

Smallville at night is always quiet, but tonight it feels like he’s the only person in the world. Nevertheless, he turns slowly around in a circle, scanning every inch of the farm, making sure he’s completely alone, bar the peacefully sleeping cows in the distance.

Then he takes off into the sky.

It feels… miraculous.

Each time he does this he goes higher than the time before, and when he realizes that he has clouds below him for the first time he laughs giddily.

He soars through the night air, occasionally looking down at his town, but there’s not much to see. Everyone is in bed.


“You deserve to die, Luthor,” an unfamiliar male voice is yelling.

“You’re making a big mistake,” comes Lex’s icy reply.

“You better run, Lex. I’ll even give you a head start.”

Clark is flying fast towards the mansion until he’s hovering over the woods and watching Lex run away from a gun-wielding man in black. He floats down to the ground unseen, lands just behind the man and clocks him gently on the head with the tip of his index finger. The man crumples into a heap on the ground; he’ll be out for hours.

Clark’s just about to take off again when he sees Lex walking slowly back towards him with his eyes narrowed.

“Clark!” Lex exclaims with pseudo cheerfulness. “Fancy seeing you here.”

Clark smiles half-heartedly. “Just saving your life again,” he says without enthusiasm. “And you’re welcome.”

“Thanks,” Lex replies coldly. “How can I ever repay you?”

“I could use a new truck.”

Lex’s mouth twitches, and Clark’s smile grows a little wider.

Then Lex seems to give up on the mood Clark usually evokes in him, visibly relaxes, and sinks to the ground. He leans his back against a tree and stretches his legs out in front of him, crossing them at the ankles.

Clark wanders over and sits at a ninety degree angle to Lex, back against the same tree.

“What are you doing here, Clark?”

“I was in the neighbourhood. I heard screaming.”

“I didn’t scream,” Lex says indignantly.

“Who’s that guy?” Clark nods towards the sleeping figure a few yards away from them.

“No idea,” Lex lies. “Some disgruntled ex-employee I imagine.”

To be continued in the comments…

Okay, so there’s no porn in it. YET. Please feel free to help me! Write more! If you don’t want to write, make suggestions! How do Clark and Lex get nakey with each other? Is it more than just the heat that compels them to strip? Is it, perhaps, TRUE LOVE?

Finally, to get you even MORE in the mood to par-tay, here are some sextastically hot screencaps (by oxoniensis, lightened etc by me) for your viewing pleasure:


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