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Prison Break Ep 6 S2


I did laugh when Tweener was all, "It's not prison any more, I'm the real deal" to Michael, because honestly. Who does he think he is? Pouring with sweat, monumentally suspicious looking, seriously incompetent. It's really just been dumb luck that has gotten him this far after all, and oh *yes*, how hot was Mahone when he was chasing him? Not even really trying! Just commited and focused and brilliant. And of course, ALL he cares about is where Michael is. "WHERE ARE THEY" indeed.

Michael was, yet again, excessively hot throughout, as was Lincoln, and frankly, although I get why blonde ho was into Lincoln more than anyone else, she *totally* played T-Bag and that was pretty rank. A) You don't do that to a guy like T-Bag, and she's a fucking idiot for even considering it, and B) Can you say COCK TEASE?

I *love* that Sara's dad has basically turned, although there's no fucking WAY her phone isn't tapped, so he could well have fucked himself with that phone call. I really think he should have considered that possibility, given the obvious scale of the conspiracy, but I guess he's not the paranoid type. I'm also pleased that Kellerman has been spotted and I'm looking forward to some more Sara/Kellerman scenes: did he hear her side of the phone conversation? Because she said, "who, Lance?" to her father, which, if he heard that, should set off a few alarm bells. Even so, now that Sara knows he's not who he says he is, it won't matter *how* he plays her. He'll get nothing more out of her w/r/t Michael.

Then there's the fact that Kellerman isn't allowed to see the prez and that's making him angry. He's always been loyal to her, and I'm enjoying seeing that loyalty challenged. I'm very intrigued by what will happen with him and I have no predictions.

Mahone continues to be my favourite new character. There's truly nothing hotter than an attractive obsessive genius who is cooler than everyone around him. I *can't wait* for him to share another scene with Michael.
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