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Red Screencappery!!

I'm a little late because I know today is supposed to be about celebrating season 4 of SV, but YOU GUYS DON'T MIND. Because I've done a silly screencaptioned version of RED. Which is one of the prettiest, sexiest, gayest ever episodes and everyone loves it. So yeah, here is wee contribution to Project Smallville: The Countdown. OMG TWO DAYS TO GO.

Caps by oxoniensis (prettyfied by me).

No one notices Clark's glowing red eyes the day that Clark decides to get high for the first time.

Getting high is FUN.

A skanky girl and one of Clark's teachers check him out. They're very impressed.

But all Clark notices is Lana's cute little butt as she walks away from him again.

Still, Lana's unlikely to put out so Clark lowers his standards for the moment and lets skankbot give him her number.

"I'm out of your league, princess," he says cockily.

"I mean, come ON. Look at me." He imagines what Lex might look like sucking his cock.

Lex has his mind on other things, however: anal sex.

He rounds the corner in a daze.

Oh SHIT. His father is here. And he's sitting at Lex's desk!!

Lex tells him to fuck off and Lionel blindly walks out in a big huff.

That'll teach him to sit in my desk, Lex thinks.

At the Talon, the gang get together to hang out. There's something different about Clark today, and Lana likes it.

Being treated like a whore appeals to her.

Especially by someone with a mouth like that.

Did Pete fart? Clark wonders.

Then he falls asleep because his friends are so boring.

I know!  he thinks. I'll go buy some expensive shit!

Before he leaves though, he looks at Chloe and Lana's buttcheeks with his xray vision. Not bad he thinks. But not... QUITE what I'm after.

"Is it just me, or is Clark hotter than usual today?" Chloe asks, frowning.

Clark goes home and watches some gay porn on his new television.

He's not very impressed when his parents interrupt him and he pulls on his leather jacket insolently. "You guys are oppressing me," he accuses. "I'm outty!"

He jumps on his motorcycle thinking about big hard penises.

"Where's he going?" Martha whines. "And how did he find my stash of porn?"

Damn, I'm cool.

And smoking hot too.

He speeds away sexily. He'll make a quick stop at the Talon for some coffees to go, then he's off to Lex's house.

Where did we go wrong? Martha and Jonathan think in unison.

Clark picks up a vaguely familiar hitchhiker, and ignores her when she tries to make conversation.

After dropping off the hitchhiker, Clark drives by the Talon. "I'll take two cappucinos to go please. Extra chocolate sprinkles on Lex's."

What the hell is a cappucino?

Clark snogs Lana goodbye and then bails.

Once at Lex's place, he sneaks upstairs and steals one of his coats.

"I borrowed one of your coats," he announces, walking in and checking out Lex's ass. VERY NICE.

He whated one of my whats? Lex turns around, confused...

"Oh sweet Jesus," Lex mutters, overcome with lust.

"That's okay," he says. "Keep it. It looks... very nice on you."

"Are you sure?" Clark asks.

"I'm sure. Although I must say... it would look better on my bedroom floor."

They both smile at Lex's brilliant pickup line and stare into each other's eyes.

"Is that right?" Clark says, laughing.

"Shall we...?"

"I'm game if you are!"

"Oh I'M GAME."

"But I'm on top," Clark says.

"Why do you get to be on top?"

"Because I'm stronger than you," Clark says. "And what I say goes."

"Alright. But only if you suck my cock first."

"Hmmm. Let me think about that for a second."

"Clark," Lex breathes out. "You know you want to." Lex is very, very sexy.

"Can I come inside you when we fuck?" Clark asks, not quite ready to stop bargaining. "Yes," Lex replies.


"This is going to work out great."

Later, at a gay bar with Lex and Lana, Clark is in a very good mood.

Lex is an awesome dancer and Clark can't stop staring at his sweet moves.

"Clark?" Lana asks confusedly. "Why are you smiling at Lex like that?"

"Because I LOVE him," Clark declares.

"OH." Lana feels suddenly foolish.

"And now I'm taking him out of this dump and back to the mansion so we can go get jiggy!"

The next day, Lex angsts about his relationship with Clark. There's something odd about him at the moment. HOT. But also ODD.

"Why didn't you wake me?" Clark demands, barging into Lex's office.

"You looked so peaceful," Lex expalins. "Take a seat."

Clark sits down. "I have an idea," he says.

Lex glances over at him warily.

"Let's go to Metropolis."


"Come on, Lex. It'll be fun."

"Hmm. You could be right."

"We're going now. Get your stuff together."

"Okay," Lex says, pleased as punch.

"Then after that, we can take over the world."

"You with me?"

Clark thinks about that for a moment.  Clark Kent and Lex Luthor...

"I like the sound of that," he says.

They go to Metropolis, fuck like bunny rabbits for the entire night and most of the next day, then they take over the world togther and rule it with an iron fist. Everyone fears them because they are so ruthless and powerful. But also everyone loves them, because they are so hot and sexy. They never ever break up and they stay happy and in love for eternity.

The end.
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