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Prison Break Ep 5 S2

Fuck me, is it my imagination or is Prison Break just getting better and better?

It may well be the sexiest show on television. I mean GOD. I'm even starting to find LINCOLN attractive. And let's just talk about Mahone for one second. He is SO FUCKING HOT I CAN'T STAND IT. I'm actively turned on by the guy, every scene he's in. I love that he's a junkie and that he's fucked up, and that he's a GENIUS. Oh, and I've never seen the slash in Prison Break before, but Michael/Mahone? Beautiful and deep and gay.  The way he talked to his dealer was also the sex.

Kellerman is truly awesome. I' m enjoying seeing how skilled and intelligent he is, because last season he was mostly just evil and I found him unlikeable. But his manipulation of Sara is masterful, and it's totally believeable that she would fall for his act. I love Sara so I'm hoping against hope that she will become suspicious at some point soon, because she is giving so much away to him. I don't really give a shit about the president's plan to be honest; it's about the least interesting story they've got going at the moment, but Kellerman is definitely one of my favourite characters in PB, so it's still entertaining.

I wonder if Sara's father is going to start looking more closely into the Burrows case. Did I interpret that correctly? Can someone tell me how much he already knows? Because I got the impression in that scene with the white haired guy that he didn't really know much at all. What was it he said? "Is this all somehow connected?" I'm a bit confused because I thought he was in on the conspiracy.

I love how all the cons are coming together again, because of the money. Although it looks like that plan's fucked. I suppose I can't be too shocked about that, given that having no money is going to make running near impossible, and PB excels at near impossible situations; hello, it's their freaking trademark.

Michael and Lincoln playing the game about what they were going to do with the money was gorgeous, and Tbag eating the map was just SO TBAG. Who knew he had a photographic memory? That's just. Okay, there are so many intelligent characters in this show, it THRILLS ME. Mahone... I am so in love with him.

And there ends my stream of consciousness review of the best show on TV.
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