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Project Smallville!!!! The Countdown!!!!

I'm back from Prague. The last week has been horribly stressful for reasons I won't get in to, but Mum not only knows about my hobby now, she's very keen to read one of my stories. HAHA. I don't think so.

Did I mention that I saw The Fog? No amount of knowing how much that movie sucked could have made it suck any less. I feel bad for myself that I'll never get those two hours of my life back. Oh Tommy. You're lucky you're a hotass. (I suppose it was worth it for the nakey scenes, but what was with the shower sex? I hate it when bad film directors try to make sex arty; know your limits and just point the fucking camera at his butt already.) I think Tom needs new representation, or possibly, he needs to actually read scripts before signing up for films. He should just stick to television, actually. After SV, I'd like to see him do something adult and interesting and comedic and with lots of sex scenes.

What's most important at the moment is SMALLVILLE!! JUST OVER A WEEK TO GO OMG. We have lots of cool things planned for Project Smallville: The Countdown, and I hereby encourage everyone to start going CRAZY WITH EXCITEMENT WHOOOOOO!!!! bop_radar has organised everything, so keep your eyes on her journal for details of what's happening. And if you haven't already commented in toadstoolsmiles's post about why you love SV, then get your butts over there now (which is what I will be doing in a few moments).

Oh, and just quickly, who's seen the SV/SPN promo? I normally avoid spoilers but I couldn't resist watching it and I just have to mention the one thing that really made my entire life worth living.

CLARK KNEELS BEFORE ZOD. I'm not sure what happens next in that scene, but I'm guessing that Zod will unzip his pants and Clark will get to work. Who's with me!

Um, how come it says "Update Captain's Log" down there? WTF? Is that staying? It sounds kind of piratey if you ask me, and as you all know, pirates are the sworn enemy of ninjas and are therefore totally lamecore.

Fuck it, we're getting pumped about Smallville NINJA STYLE.



ETA: Would anyone be interested in hosting a SV spoiler chat thread in their journal as part of Project Smallville: The Countdown? You'll have to be totally fine with spoilers, obviously. Let me know!
Tags: actor: tom welling, film, project smallville: the countdown, tv: smallville
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