Kate (mskatej) wrote,

Thank yous and some porn

Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes and prezzies. I'm so grateful and touched.

I need to publicly thank a few people (and also show off).

My fabulous new default icon was made for me by the marvellous latxcvi, and she also made me these two:


Which I'm sure you'll agree are both GENIUS.

digitalwave made me this:

which is so beautiful and I love it so much.

theclexfactor gave me this amazing clex based on the titof shai ad based on slod's icon icon:

And candidlily gave me this gem:

teot wrote my hooker!Lex fic, The Quintessence of Debauchery, which you should all read because it's Lex. AS A HOOKER. omg *dies*

talitha78 killed me dead by reposting my story, The Good Life, but with amazing feedback inserted into it, and it made me cry with happiness and I'll never forget it.

Darling norwich36 made me the most gorgeous and perfect cover for The Hero Of Yesterday, which you can check out HERE.

And now, what you've ALL been waiting for, I also got given PORN. By the sublime rilestar, of course.

So now, we bring you more TITOF.

First there's Fire Pump:

Fire Pump 1

Fire Pump 2

And then, in Rilestar Galactica's own words: The first bit is the little intro to the piece. The second is the action! For your viewing pleasure, I present you "Titof, in the Boys of the Bastille!"

The Boys of the Bastille 1

The Boys of the Bastille 2

I do have a little more non-titof porn too, that dragontatt kindly sent me because she is an angel, and I'll put that up soon I promise. I feel like you have enough to get on with for now though.

Again, thank you all so much! You made my birthday better.
Tags: actor: titof, birthday, flist, gip, porn
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