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Spoiling Kate is WRONG.

According to yesterday's poll, 55.6% of you want a followup. 7.4% wish I wasn't making this post at all. And 37.0% of you are apathetic about the subject matter of my posts as long as they amuse you.

Moving on.

So you all know that I'm watching Six Feet Under right? And that I love David? And that I hate spoilers?

On Sunday I went to pick some more discs up off Rehana and Chris (I'm up to S4 now), and me and Ray are out on the balcony, drinking rose at 1pm, squeeing about how awesome SFU is and how it's the best show ever and how David is the greatest character in the world, yadda yadda yadda. And then Chris comes out and joins the squee, and then he does the most horrendous thing EVER to me.

He tells me that he's not going to tell me anything BUT something "really full-on happens to David". Something that made them reel back and go "whoa, wasn't expecting that."

OH MY GOD. Why did he tell me that?! I'm like, "he doesn't die does he?" "No, no." "Does he get AIDS?" "I'm not telling you anything. Just prepare yourself."


Now there is a black cloud of doom hanging over my beloved David, who deserves only good things and happiness, and every episode I'm just WAITING for something horrible to happen to him. Does he get raped? Does he get seriously injured and disfigured? Does he TURN STRAIGHT? I'm so scared for him and it's like, it's WORSE knowing that it's SOMETHING, but not knowing what that something is. I have an active imagination! I have to say, that is absolutely the worst kind of spoiler EVER. I plan to yell at Chris when I see him on Friday. 

I am going home in half an hour and I'm going to watch Prison Break. \o/
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