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A poll about polls! And what's in a name?

I do a lot of polls right. But I never talk about the results of the polls, do I. What is the point of doing polls if I don’t discuss the results?

To find out where you all stand on this matter, a poll:

Should I do follow up posts on my polls?

Yes! Please do amusing follow up posts on your polls. We would all enjoy that.
No! If I really care about the results I can find out for myself.
I don't give a rat's ass what you post about as long as it's entertaining.

Now! Please tell me the name of your journal plus the subtitle and why, like so:

Kate and Beyond

The "and Beyond" bit refers to a famous series of porn films from the early nineties called "Bi and Beyond" which I've never seen but which contains both straight and gay sex. The first in the series was also the first film to feature a hermaphrodite (no I am not a hermaphrodite).

I need elbow room for what I'm planning

I was on the phone with Ewan who was talking to me about some girl he intended to shag and he said that, and I laughed until I cried and then stole it for my journal. I love it so much that I haven't been even remotely tempted to change it since.
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