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Happy First of September

I have a few things to talk about today. Firstly, yes that's right, it's my birthday month. In eleven days (SEPT 11TH WHOO) I am THIRTY. For no reason whatsoever, here is a short list of things I love:

1. CLEX. No really! I ♥ Clex. With nakedness and happy endings. There is nothing on earth that I love more than Clex.
2. PORN. No really! I ♥ porn. Specifically porn about Clex. But also, Titof. And just, you know, talking about porn and reading other people's opinions on porn and YAYYYY PORN. Current kinks = infidelity, mutual obsession, rough sex, pretty much anything, etc etc.
3. Picspams. I am a deeply shallow individual and I love looking at pretty people. My favourite boy to look at is Tom Welling, but I also love Michael Rosenbaum and Wentworth Miller and hell, if you want to know who else I love check my answers in Wednesday's poll.
4. Icons/art. Made especially for me.


The fabulous and wonderful rilestar, who apparently owns the key to my loins, has, yet again, provided us with Titof porn. Specifically the scenes he's in from Titof and the College Boys.

Now, I haven't seen the second one yet because my flatmate walked in just as it was getting started, but it looks very promising, because Titof is blindfolded and surrounded by horny college boys with their cocks out.

I have seen the first one though, and omg. The guy Titof is with is very noisy and it seems to make Titof noisier than usual and he grunts a lot. Which. GUH. But that's not the best thing! Titof NOT ONLY stays hard when he's getting fucked, he COMES. I still had not seen this phenomena! Because my internet connection got cut before I had a chance to do any research. People, I ACTUALLY SQUEALED. Titof coming whilst being fucked is honestly the most wonderful thing you'll ever see and you know what this means right? My life is now complete and I can die happy. \o/



Please stop by and thank rilestar and tell her how awesome she is if you download.

Finally, a poll, because it's necessary that I know.



Why did you choose that? Let's talk about penises!
Tags: actor: titof, clex, polls, porn
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