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David, Prison Break and Bad Clex!

Hello everyone! I spent the weekend watching television and going to one party (which I recovered from by watching more television). Yesterday I converted Nina to Alias, after previously converting her to the L Word, and next I plan to convert her to BSG. I'm not bothering with Smallville because it's such a dumbass show, although I did show her a couple of SV vids which she thought were unbelievably hot. 

I am now up to season 3 episode 6 of Six Feet Under and I am completely in love with David, who is possibly my favourite television character of ALL TIME. And he sings like an angel! I plan to make David icons this evening because he is my new Gay Best Friend. You can all talk to me about SFU but DO NOT spoil me because I know NOTHING about what happens and I don't want to. Don't even tell me that you didn't like season 6 or something. That is what we, in the business, call a mood spoiler.


Who the fuck else is over the freaking moon that Veronica is dead?  I mean, the stupid bitch was totally asking for it. After *everything* she's been through, why on earth did she believe it would be that easy to end things?  IDIOT.

Do you think they decided to write her out of the show because Robin Tunney is so lame? I reckon that had something to do with it. Hopefully Lincoln will get killed next.

I actually did have much more to say about PB but I saw it on Friday and I've pretty much forgotten everything other than Veronica dying and everyone getting away and Tbag going to the vet to get his hand put back on. HAHAHA. I love Tbag. Oh yeah, and I'm especially pleased that Sara survived and is going to be fine and that Michael has a plan to fix things. Which. OH MY HEART.


Anyone who's ever cheated on someone knows that the sex is quite a lot hotter when it's not allowed, right? 

Yet, in all the posts/discussions/polls you see about kinks in fic, no one ever seems to mention how awesome infidelity is. It's the wrongness of it that makes it so right.

Now, I take canon quite seriously, in that, unless I'm writing a futurefic or an AU, I like to write stories set currently, which means Season 5, and I really really love that Lex and Lana are now in a relationship because it means that he has to cheat on her to be with Clark. 

Let's think about that.

First of all, Lex would have to be CRAZY to fuck around on a girl like Lana, who is easily the sanest and best girlfriend he will ever have, and the only reason he would do that to her is because of Clark. 

And Clark would never do that to anyone, and he especially doesn't want to hurt Lana any more than he already has, but he can't help himself because it's LEX. I've been having a lot of fun this weekend imagining the boys embarking on a sordid affair, where they don't want to give in to their attraction to each other but they can't stop themselves because they are so in love/lust. OH BOYS.

I plan to write that story very soon. For Roxy!
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