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Writing porn at work is hilarious.

Lovely news last night - we're getting the internet at home! And, we're getting Freeview, which means I'll get to see a bunch of programmes I would never have otherwise seen, so yay, even more time in front of the box, which, come on, let's face it, who are we trying to kid, has got to be good for me. And the internet thing is exciting too, although worrying because I can't get enough of it at work and actually being allowed to use it for the things I use it for could mean the end of my social life.

I'm in a stupidly good mood. The worst of the shit storm at work is behind me and on Friday I go to NYC, which is easily the most exciting holiday I've ever taken. This afternoon, I plan to complete my travel guide, a powerpoint presentation, consisting of lots of pretty pictures I found on the net, and pieces of advice from various friends of mine who know the city quite well. I should probably include the Holiday Rules that Hilary and I came up with, but I think we only managed to think of one rule: to have as much fun as possible at all times, and if, at any time, we're not having as much fun as we could be having, we have to go and have more fun.

Ooh, and I watched Without a Trace last night, which is such a dumbass show, but hello. HOT GUYS:


Now that's some porn I'd like to read.

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