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Ginger asked about favourite things in porn yesterday, and Brenda mentioned 69s, and I realised I have never read a story with a 69 in it. 

If you know of any Clex 69er fics, please rec now.

Thing is right, they SOUND hot, and the visual is GREAT, but in reality they're quite awkward. You can't suck someone's dick properly while you're getting your dick sucked, unless you're a talented multi tasker. Or if the blowjob you're getting is so lame that you can just ignore it and concentrate on the cock in your mouth. You know?  And that's my thing; I want to read about the best blowjob ever, not a mediocre blowjob that allows the blowee to focus his attention on being a blower as well. So the challenge is to get both partners into such a state that they're not even really thinking about it and it just comes naturally to suck and be sucked and to be so turned on by the act itself that fancy tongue-work and pro-like technique isn't an issue. I guess? Because being on the receiving end of an awesome blowjob leaves men incapable of doing anything other than talking gibberish, pulling hair, and coming, no? And being the one giving the awesome blowjob requires the guy to have nothing on his mind other than sucking and licking.  AM I WRONG?

I also have a slight problem with the angle of the guy on top. He would have to point his dick downwards wouldn't he? In conclusion, gay 69s confuse the hell out of me.

Still, I'd love to write a good 69 scene, so come talk to me about blowjobs!

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