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Pet Peeves and a v important question.

HI. Every once in a while I enjoy doing a post about things that irritate me. I was going to spend a few weeks compiling a definitive list of my pet peeves and then posting them, but that seemed psychotic. So here is a short and incomplete list instead:

1. Condescending people. No one likes being talked down to, right? I FUCKING HATE IT. I have NO sense of humour about it, and that's unusual for me. If someone talks down to me, I pretty much flip out right there and then. If it's a friend I'll instantly turn on them and say, DO NOT CONDESCEND TO ME I AM NOT A MORON. If it's not a friend I will become very tense to the point of exploding, and then I am rude and insubordinate and I pretty much hate their guts.

2. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Unfunny people attempting to be funny. It chaps my butt.  Some people should not ever be allowed to tell jokes.

3. Locked icon journals. FUCK YOU.

4. Writers who don't respond to feedback. Okay, not really the writers themselves, but that particular decision of theirs not to acknowledge people who have taken the time to read their story and comment on it, is what I don't appreciate. Like, there's actually no good reason that I've heard in the many debates on this subject to not respond to fb. Maybe if a story gets hundreds of comments I can understand not getting back to *everyone*, but getting back to no one? That's rude.

Add to my list! Let's bitch about stuff we can't do anything about!!


On a more postive note, here's a question. Are you the type of person who - when you're watching a tv show on DVD - always watches the opening credits, because it sets the tone and gets you in the mood for the new ep? Or do you fast forward through them, because when you're watching lots of episodes in one sitting, the credits just take up valuable time?


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