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The fabulous Titof!

Speaking of gay porn and butt fucking, here are two links to some really really REALLY hot Titof downloads, that a truly lovely person gave me after finding me through searching for people on LJ who had Titof listed as an interest!

Isn't that AMAZING. I am one of seven people who have him listed as an interest (and one of those people is my favourite [possible] sockpuppet, kalansfanboy, who doesn't count) , and look what it got us all! LOVELY PORN. The site will prolly only let you dl one film at a time, but just go back later for the other one...

In the first one we see Titof topping a nice blond boy. There is much kissing and Titof really enjoying himself and being the hottest porn star who ever porned. Also, at the end he giggles. YES THAT'S RIGHT. He GIGGLES.


And then there's one of my favourite ever pieces of porn (so far). Titof is totally submissive in this and it REALLY TURNS ME ON. He appears to be VERY attracted to the other guy, who is sexy and who has an enormous cool tattoo on his back, and who talks in French to Titof the whole time, with Titof just replying "Oui, oui", and they just generally have awesomely wonderful sex and it's all the hottest thing ever. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.


NB. You need to copy these links and paste them into your brower. Clicking on them doesn't work (I was upset and confused until Becky explained that to me).

ETA. Becky has uploaded the first film (titled 02oct) so if you get the link off her in the comments instead of the one above, you can DL that and the second one at the same time, without having to wait! Isn't she the GREATEST? Yes she is.

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