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A hex on Photobucket!

I like Photobucket.com, I do. I use photobucket ALL THE TIME. I have hundreds and hundreds of pics stored there in two accounts (I actually filled one account up and had to get a second) and you know, I really appreciate them and how great it is that they exist and yes, they are wonderful and free and I have no complaints.

Except this one complaint here:

Why can't I store pornographic images there?

Apparently the porny icons I made violate there totally lame and prudish terms of service, and they've been removed. WHY? What's wrong with pictures of consenting adults enjoying hot sex? What's wrong with breasts? Why are female nipples against the rules? My account is locked to the public, so why does it matter that I'm storing dirty pictures there? 

It's not like anything that's going on in these photographs is illegal. Is photobucket an american site? Porn is legal in america. It's not like I've got snuff pics or nakey children or. Okay, I'm reading the TOS now. I guess this is the relevant paragraph for me (bold mine):

Upload, email or otherwise transmit any User Content that is unlawful, obscene, harmful, threatening, defamatory or hateful or that contains objects or symbols of hate, invade the privacy of any third party, contain nudity or child erotica, or is otherwise objectionable. Photobucket.com does not control User Content of users' accounts and does not have any obligation to monitor such content for any purpose, however, Photobucket.com may chose to monitor such User Content any time in its sole discretion. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for all content and material you provide to the Service

I'm assuming that porn is considered obscene. Okay. Why is the bit about nudity and child erotica placed side by side, as if they're, like, in any way similar.

Thing is, I can maybe understand them removing the hardcore gay porn icons (if you didn't see them, I totally made icons with explicit shots of anal sex in them! YAY!) but the artistic B&W shots of boobies? And why are they monitoring MY account? I am just a harmless amateur pornographer! 

I love photobucket but I honestly think whoever is in charge of taking away my porn needs to go and get laid.
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