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The Family Stone and how it wasn't gay enough for me

Hi. I just watched The Family Stone, which I enjoyed although a few things got on my nerves...

I'm sick of the way gay people are (mostly) portrayed in mainstream cinema.

In Brokeback Mountain it was all impossible love, no chance for happiness. Death.

In The Family Stone the gay couple are basically saints. Pure as the driven snow. One's a white deaf man and the other's a black man and they're adopting a child. They don't care at all about the child's race because they are SO VERY LIBERAL and they have an ideal, loving relationship, and they walk arm in arm and they are v v sensitive about judgemental people who don't totally understand that being gay is a great great thing, and judgemental people upset them, and the deaf guy's parents love him for who he is and they love that he's gay, and...

I'm pretty sure this couple don't ever have sex.

Because that would be... too liberal? It's like: they're just *really good friends* everyone. We want the movie to contain a gay relationship because every super liberal family has a gay son (and if he has some kind of disability EVEN BETTER) but we must be careful not to offend any of the audience who might find the idea of two men fucking each other a bit icky. So let's be sure to remove all references and hints to the fact that they (presumably) have a sexual relationship. It's not that I need to see a gay sex scene or even a gay kiss, but it would have been nice to see a believable gay relationship in this movie; a relationship that's not... perfect.

I really loved all the performances in the film though, with the exception of Dermot Mulroney, who I always want to like but who never quite manages to win me over. It doesn't help that he's kind of wooden and has no chemistry with anyone, especially seeing as everyone else's chemistry with each other is what makes the film so enjoyable. Sarah Jessica Parker is freaking *fantastic* as the uptight, conservative city girl, and Diane Keaton is sensational all the way through. Also, I adore Rachel McAdams.

Everything is tied up too nicely at the end, but I'm a sucker for a happy ending so I'm not complaining, and Luke Wilson is almost as charming as his brother; I just wish we'd gotten to see him actually kiss SJP. They had genuinely hot chemistry. I felt jipped. I want kissing in a romantic movie dammit. I DEMAND IT.

Still, I recommend the movie if you haven't seen it. Especially if you like films that make you cry.
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