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Characters on drugs.

Well I read Immortality last night.

I BALLED MY FREAKING EYES OUT OMG THAT IS THE SADDEST STORY EVER WRITTEN. No it really really is. I may never get over it.  *cries and cries at memory*


Oh yes! I did such a good job with the proofreading last week that sexy dutch professor has given me *another* paper to proof. This one is longer and just as boring, but I feel quite good about the whole thing anyway (because he's really really really hot).


What side of the fence are you on w/r/t characters being high/drunk?

I think most people in SV fandom love it when Lex is drunk/on drugs, right? Because Lex is totally hot when he's wasted. He's all uninhibited and sexual and it's the one time he can seduce the shit out of Clark and not be responsible for his actions, and of course, Clark can't resist sexy fucked up Lex because Clark is horny and Lex is all, COME HERE TO ME.

But I'm not as interested in seeing Clark drunk or high. Mainly because he really *can't* get drunk/high because there's no way drugs or alcohol would affect his body, and anyway, we have Red!Clark to play with if we want that.

I can't imagine either of the boys smoking. Just no. Lex *might* smoke a cigar, but I don't want to think about them smoking cigarettes. A joint yes. Lex would totally blaze up a doobie, but a cigarette? Maybe if he was, like, SUPER drunk.

What's my point? Um. No point really, other than, drugs are hot if it's in character. I mean, Lex has never taken drugs or been shown to take drugs on the show, but I totally believe that he did back in his wild Metropolis clubbing days, unless he was a totally lameass clubber, which we all know he wasn't.  From a writing perspective, I think it definitely helps to have actually taken some drugs/been drunk if you're going to write about it. Like sex. I'm sure there are virgins out there who can write hot porn, but in general I would say it helps to have done it.


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