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Porn Fridays are BACK!

Yes people. We now have a COMM. \o/ Yay for Porn Friday!!!

porn_friday porn_friday porn_friday

Do you like writing, reading, watching and/or discussing porn? We do! This is a non-fandom specific community for discussions, reviews, questions, fic, polls, you name it...

(While we're non-fandom specific in terms of membership, that doesn't mean you can't post fic or discussion topics about porn in your particular fandom; we just want to make everyone welcome.)

Posting is not restricted to Fridays -- feel free to post at any time -- but Fridays have traditionally been a good day for posting porn in the past, and we'd like to re-establish that precedent!

Join girlmostlikely and me at porn_friday today and take our porny poll!
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