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A great weekend


I like getting the house to myself and spending a Friday night doing my own thing. The low point was probably breaking my thumb nail down to the painful quick, whilst playing air guitar to Dakota by the Stereophonics in my kitchen. Nobody knows about this.

I watched the news and cried. I watched Scrubs and laughed. I watched Will and Grace and rolled my eyes. I've always thought Will and Grace was like bad theatre - the occasional mildy amusing line, delivered with ba boom ch! self satisfied glee, no real chemistry between the cast (still!), and stories based around how many gay jokes they can squeeze into it. It's actually kind of embarrassing how successful it's been - all down to Jack and Karen no doubt, but still. This is bad, bad television and I've always thought as much. The only difference between now and when it first started is that I quite like watching it now.  PS. John Cleese has lost his comedy.

Taped SGA because I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. Don't really get it yet but will probably try again because a lot of the journals I read go on and on about it. I dunno - I'm new to fandom (I so wish I'd known about it when Buffy was on) but I'm not sure I'm into slash for the sake of slash. Deeply in love with Clark and Lex, but before that, for me the hottest pairing in the world was Spike and Buffy. Spike and Xander? No, no, no. I just don't want to think about Xander naked, period. The chemistry has to be right between the actors and the characters, there have to be sparks (or in the case of SV, doomed True Love), and I have to be attracted to them (I love Xander, I do, but not in that way). Sheppard is pretty cute, yeah, and Rodney is sort of funny, but are they lusting after each other, or, more importantly, do I want to think about them lusting after each other? Not yet anyway.


I am finally a grownup. I had a grownup shindig to celebrate my birthday this year. It's not until the 11th, but I'll be in NY (!) then, so I decided to forgo my usual big drunken party where I make amusing invitations and tell everyone to turn up with lots of booze, and instead have a civilised gathering slash BBQ. With Good Flatmate Hamish's help (Bad Flatmate Pete worked that day and didn't turn up till about 9), I prepared food and everything. Healthy food! And when I made some people rate the food out of ten, I got a 9 (from someone who wasn't eating and who was basing her judgement on how it looked), two 10s and an 11. Oh YEAH.

Not an ecstacy pill in sight, just a silly amount of fine wine and champagne. And starting early was perfect because people left early. And I was happy to see them go. And I got to bed at about one. And I didn't feel like dying the next day. And I cleaned up everything all by myself before the boys even got up. Okay, so I didn't get laid, but when Tom left, we snogged, which was totally naughty but very nice because he has great lips and yeah, we're just friends now but he was the best sex I've ever had, which no one gets because he's fat and not at all sexy, and I don't care what they think, he's the most talented writer I know personally and we used to have the filthiest MSN conversations and I haven't had sex in a while, not good sex anyway, and it was my birthday party and I was drunk so I'm allowed to kiss whoever the hell I like.


DVDs, as usual. Cellular, which was completely, totally excellent, in a surprising way. Like, a well done, tense, exciting thriller but with characters who actually felt like real people (shock horror!) and a genuinely smart script. Kim Basinger, who I used to dislike but who is getting more fabulous with age, is fantastic in it, and if Chris Evans isn't the most extraordinary screen presence, he's affable as hell and pretty damn convincing.

Then The Woodsman, which is a drama about a paedophile! I decided I needed to stop getting frothy fun stuff and catch up on some serious films. Hotel Rwanda is next on my list and I'm dreading it.  Anyway, it's alright and Kevin Bacon does a good job, though I'm not about to recommend it to anyone, unless they enjoy feeling uncomfortable.


Gave Claire a CLex story to read (Deep Throat by Te - a personal favourite) and she agrees that gay porn rocks!

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