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It's too hot to THINK. The fan blowing in my face has dried out my eyeballs and my brain doesn't work and I am sweating in places that ladies shouldn't sweat. I wander around in bare feet and occasionally I pipe up simply to moan. Sometimes I don’t even say words, I just sob loudly. No one feels sorry for me.

Fandom has opened my mind up to all sorts of wacked out shit that a year ago would have made me nauseous. Fandom is great if you’re open minded and willing to be wrong. If you don’t mind changing your opinions and if you accept that other people’s opinions, whether they’re retarded or not, are essential to your learning experience. By which I mean, essential to your *life* experience. No one has it all figured out, right? We’re a community, we’re all different, we all like different kinds of people, different kinds of writing, different shows and films and boys and girls; we have different kinks, different expectations, we all take what we need and sometimes fandom delivers and sometimes it doesn’t. Just like in life.

Fandom is both good and bad. The people that annoy the fuck out of me are the best friends of someone else. The attitudes I don’t respect are attitudes that thousands of people share. My friends (and I) aren’t universally loved and sometimes when they’re making me laugh they’re making other people cringe.

Rules and etiquette are as important here as in life. Fandom should be a positive experience for everyone, but it’s not always the case. It’s upset me, it’s made me angry, it’s made me grumpy, just like in life. I’m the same here as I am in reality. Our personality shines through with every post we make, every comment we write, so it’s wise to think about the shit we say before we say it. Just like in life.

Some of us care what other people think of us, some of us couldn’t give a rat’s ass. Some of us are angry people, some of us are happy people, some of us are positive, negative, extroverted, introverted, shy, confident, funny, boring, all of the above.

Fandom is intimidating and big and varied and rewarding. It’s life changing, it’s incidental to life. I am me and you are you and you might agree with me or you might think I’m a fuckwit or you might find me interesting or I might bore the tits off you.

Not all my friends like porn. Not all my friends like Smallville. Many of my friends like SGA. Some of my friends don’t understand the hotness of Tom Welling (because they are blind and probably lesbians). Incest, fisting, non-con, toe sucking, bloodplay, slash, het, gen, PG, NC17, crackfic, MPreg, felching, angst, happy endings, character death, tentacles, silliness, meta, art, manips, friendships, arguments, love, hate, joy, misery, idiots, geniuses… we got it all. Tolerance is important. Except when someone else is being intolerant, then go nuts at them.

In conclusion, FANDOM YAY.
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