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A rec for a blog!

Firstly, thank you anonymous rose giver! You made my day. 

Secondly, I now live with two famous people! Nina is a jazz singer at Ronnie Scotts (London's most famous jazz club) and Julia has a starring role in the blog, A Spinster's Quest. She is Homeless Friend (although her name might have to be changed now because she moved in to my house yesterday).

When Julia mentioned to me last night that she had a friend who also blogged I inwardly rolled my eyes. With the subtitle "50 Ways to Find A Lover" I imagined badly written, unfunny, unoriginal observations on men and on being single, circa Cosmo magazine. 

Imagine my delight when I started laughing out loud within the first few paragraphs and, um, totally fell in love with her by the time I'd finished reading her most recent entry. Her name is Lucy, she is a 29 year old actress living in London and she is a spinster who is trying everything she can think of to meet a man, including speed dating, football, and dating whilst wine tasting. She's also *very* funny. 

The wine tasting room is tatty and smoky. There are mirrors on the
ceiling. Owing to the rather subtle lighting I think I look quite hot
in the ceiling mirrors. I insist Male Friend takes a photo. The first
fourteen are all rubbish but then we nail it. He loves coming out with

I have a glass of wine and survey my prey. A de rigeur uniform of
jeans-and-pressed-shirt-not-tucked-in is rigorously adhered to. Where I
was hoping for a barrister I can now see I’ll be lucky to find a tiler
with a drink problem.

YAY! I live with brilliant single women who know other brilliant single women who write hilarious blogs about how real life men are a giant disappointment. In a nutshell, the reason why Tom Welling is my boyfriend.

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