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One moment. I need to take this.


Yes that's HILARIOUS. And it always will be.

Anyway! I am very busy at the moment. I have many things to do and read and write, but the good news is that I have actually written fic! It's for Nan's kink/cliche challenge and is due next Monday, and I'm nearly done with it. So I will need a beta if anyone is game? Um. I'm not going to lie to you. It's just porn. *HANGS HEAD*

So the reason it's not finished is this: I finished the sex scene and everyone had orgasms and... I just wanted to go to sleep after that. 

Writers of smut: does that ever happen to you? You're writing the sex and it's all very hot and you're feeling frisky and you're like, wow this is horny, and then. Oh great. Now I have to actually finish the fucking story. YAWN. Writing porn is like having sex. I'm not really one for cuddling after sex either. In fact, if I wasn't so lazy I'd be the type to get the fuck out of there as quickly as possible and go home to sleep in my own bed. (Or I'd kick him out. Which I've actually done more than once. \o/)

Norwich, don't worry, I am still writing your birthday fic but it's turned into something longer than what I usually write which is why it's taking so long. SORRY. 

Pete and Juliet have now officially left the flat. :*(    And Nina and Julia are moving in this week. We need a new washing machine. I have no clean clothes.  I need a holiday.  IT IS WAY TOO HOT. Tonight, I might clean out the fridge. (Or I might not.)

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