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Fangirls, comics and Superman Returns!

Three important things happened today:

I met blythely and jayest! Who are the very coolest and I'm looking forward to going out with them again soon and drinking alcohol. Also I met derryderrydown and jamjar, and there were others but I can't remember their LJ names. I got to Ed's diner, and I was late (I'll explain in a second), and jamjar, who is very adorable, gave me a complete history of Robin and how there have been four Robins: Dick, Tim, Jason and Steph. (is that right?) And it was very complicated and I don't remember everything but it was interesting and funny and Batman is very slashy and it made me want to maybe read some Batman comics.

Then we went to Superman Returns! Which I thoroughly enjoyed although maybe not quite as much as I could have.

I liked Brandon Routh very much. I can't fault him actually. He's unusally beautiful (which is important), he's graceful and charming and broody, but the broodiness isn't overwhelming because he has this lightness about him. I loved his presence: calm and steady and strong as Superman; human as Clark.  And his acting was great.

(A quick note just to reassure my flist: Tommy is still my number one guy, the only Clark I want to think about naked and he will always be the real Clark to me.

Hell, I love *all* the Clarks. I mean, it's impossible *not* to love Christopher Reeve's Clark, right? Clark is a character that has been cast very well over the years. GO CLARK.)

Kate Bosworth was better than I was expecting her to be but still not sassy enough for my tastes. Margot Kidder wins that round.

The nearly kiss between Lois and Superman was hot. I liked Perry and Jimmy a lot. And it looked fantastic.

The story itself... and Lex Luthor...

Okay, so the third thing that happened today was that I read my first comic. I read Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, and the reason I was late for meeting the girls was because I couldn't stop reading it until I got to the end. OMFG. I am completely blown away.  I really wasn't expecting to love it QUITE THAT MUCH.

The only drawback about reading the comic mere hours before seeing the film was that the Lex in the film, as a character,  fell well short of the Lex in the comic. And the story in the film was not as good as the story in the comic.  So although I didn't dislike Kevin Spacey (not remotely as funny as Gene Hackman and nowhere near as interesting/sexy as Michael Rosenbaum) I was also kind of... I mean come ON, his plan was SO STUPID. Lex is a character I have a lot of respect for. I ADORE HIM.  And Lex's plan in Superman Returns was just... it wasn't disimilar to Lex's plan in the first Supes movie, and that plan was also fucking stupid.  I'm just not all that bothered about seeing that version of Lex again.  I want my Lex with more layers. As many layers as he has in Smallville and in the comic.

Spacey loses that round.

That aside, I really liked the film.

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