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This is a very very important poll. Hopefully you won't have to think too hard about it and you'll just know the right answer.

Pirates or Ninjas?


I saw PotC yesterday.

I quite enjoyed it at the time even though it was about five million hours long. Like, hello people, relentless action sequences and no character development does not a good movie make. Also, Orlando Bloom is so fucking wet I want to wring him out. I don't get the appeal there at all. From an objective POV he's got a pretty face I guess, but he has no personality to speak of and therefore no real sex appeal and every single woman I know agrees with me. No points Orlando Bloom. NO POINTS.

Keira Knightly does nothing for me either and the five people I was with yesterday all said the same thing. I was pleased that they decided to explore the attraction between Elizabeth and Jack, although "explore" is a misleading word to use. More like set them up for the lamest kiss of all time. Actually I can't remember if I found the kiss hot or not, but I do remember thinking that Keira wasn't doing it for me.

Much like last time, Johnny Depp carries the movie. I adore Jack Sparrow. And Bill Nighy was awesome as the squid guy. And yay! Geoffrey Rush!!!!!!! I generally hate sequels and this hasn't changed my mind about them, but I will see the third film because I loved Rush in the first film. (I saw Quills last night on TV, where he plays the Marquis de Sade. BRILLIANT. He says a line at some point about a chocolate sweet "positively *bursting* with cream" and yeah. That's a guy who can talk dirty to me ANY TIME.)

Personally, my fondest memory of yesterday's cinema experience was seeing the Superman Returns trailer, which was so exciting I kept yelling at my friends about how exciting it was. They were all, "yes, we know kate. calm down." IDIOTS.

This Friday! WOOT.

Also, I hate Colin Farrel but Miami Vice looks SWEET. As does that Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughan film.

A belated happy birthday to the lovely and wonderful disprove. I hope it was awesome babe.

So what did y'all get up to on the w/e? Can you beat my experience of seeing the Wailers in concert and they played Is This Love and the singer was very good and we (the crowd) all sang along at the top of our lungs and it's one of my favourite ever songs anyway and it was probably the single best concert experience of my life? Can you beat that?
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