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The I Love My Flist Meme, Part 3

The last five...


Mads, what would fandom do without you? You’re such an integral part of so many people’s fandom experience. You’re dedicated, clever, good humoured and talented, you have this *amazing* energy about you, sharp wit and a warm personality. You know what I’m pissed about? That I didn’t come and meet you and Pru for a coffee when you were in London recently. I thought about it and I wanted to but I was like, oh, I don’t really know her that well, she won’t be interested in meeting me. And I missed my chance! I totally suck. You, OTOH, are awesome and next time we’re in the same city I’ll make damn sure to get me some Madelyn time. <3


Oh Val my Val. We are SO on the same wavelength. It’s… the way you think and your sense of humour just completely thrills me. I love how we make each other laugh. I love how you mock Tommy with affection. I love your attitude towards life and other people. You’re a socially savvy person which I have a whole hell of a lot of respect for. I can’t remember why or when we met, all I know is that getting to know you continues to be an exciting, rewarding and joyous experience. You’re one of my favourites.


Sweets, you’re one of those fangirls that shows up in fandom and just… makes it a better place to be. You’re generous and enthusiastic, thoughtful and caring. It’s absolutely impossible not to like you. We haven’t known each other very long but I get the feeling we’ll be giggling together over porn and boys and other important things for years to come. ♥


I love you so much. Just for the record. We don’t share a fandom right, but I absolutely adore having people on my flist who are there simply because… we *like* each other. You’re someone I know I would get on SO WELL with in person. You’re funny and friendly and insightful. Your outlook on life seems to be very similar to mine. You totally get what’s important (PORN) and you’re completely just a lovely person to talk to and know. In fact, why the hell aren’t we IM buddies yet?


Laura darling, you have to be one of the loveliest girls I know, for serious. I can’t not mention how talented and giving you are, and how wonderful it is to have someone like you in fandom. You’ve made me art several times now and I just. I’ll never fully be able to express how much that means to me. How much I *love* your work. You’re passionate and humble and kind and helpful and bright. You’re a beacon of positive energy. You’re an absolute angel.


Right, I think that’s all of you! The ones who weren’t too shy to ask me for love anyway. But hey, if you’re jealous or whatever, slip me a quick comment demanding some of my sweet lovin' and I’ll see what I can do.
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