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The I Love My Flist Meme, Part Two

Six more...


Ah Melissa. One of the most interesting people on my flist, and someone I’ve had the pleasure to meet in person! You are SO clever and I can’t imagine us ever running out of things to talk about. You’re passionate about the things you love, you’re thoughtful, you’re extremely honest, and your outlook on life is a quietly perceptive one. I admire all of these things immensely and quite frankly I wish you posted more. I *always* enjoy your posts and your snarky sense of humour is a delight! X


Omg. You are possibly the coolest, looniest, funniest person in the WHOLE WORLD. Everyone should have a Jekesta in their lives. Becky and I have talked about how much we love you, a LOT, and secretly we both plan to meet you at some point soon. Because you’re here! And so are we! I can’t even do justice to how much joy your posts bring me. Your style of writing is so unique and so… YOU. You're the kind of girl who can do a post ranting about all the things you hate and still come across as the most loveable person who ever existed. You’re one of a kind and I adore you.


Frelling! I can’t actually remember why I friended you but I’ve been glad about it ever since because I love you to BITS. You have this way of being exceptionally funny but making it seem like you're not trying to be funny. And yet I KNOW you know what you’re doing, because someone as funny as you HAS to. You’re super nice but you have an edge. You’re intelligent but not pretentious. You’re cool but not intimidating. You're sensitive but not a wuss. Basically you're the queen of Awesometown. We really need to meet up soon.


Sweet Sarah Jane! What is there *not* to love about you? You’re charming, friendly, warm, good humoured and smart – all qualities essential in life. You’re someone who’s posts always make me smile. You’re someone who makes me want to visit Canada! I hope we get to know each other better than we do now because I get the distinct impression that if we ever met in person we would just sit there grinning and giggling a whole lot, for ages and ages and ages. :*


Oh Feliz, my love. You’re the CUTEST THING EVER. You have such a sweet personality and a great sense of humour and just this amazing energy about you. If I was a hippy I’d start talking about your aura right about now. You always seem so positive and happy, and you accept people for who they are not for what you think they should be. I love that so much. Also, you crack me up on a regular basis, which automatically earns you millions of points. ♥


Dude. You are the coolest. Aside from the amazing things you do for fandom (the ledger WOOT!) I just completely freaking love talking to you and bantering with you. You’re wicked funny and wonderfully dirty – in that way we gel perfectly omg. I love your porny pics, your brilliant posts on bestiality (HAHAHA), and your general presence in fandom, which is shiny and necessary and delightful. You make it all better, for sure.

To be continued...
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