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The I Love My Flist Meme, Part One

Here are the first five...


I’ve known you for nearly my entire time here. You were one of the first people I friended (I believe whilst lurking in somebody’s LJ I followed a link to a post you made about being able to see Mike’s cock in Asylum and it was so cute and funny I had to friend you) and of course, you were one of the first people to friend me back, which automatically makes me love you forever. That aside, I love you because you are so funny and so smart and so wacky and so talented and so cool. I feel truly lucky to know you and you are without a doubt the best person in the world to squee about porn stars with. Also, you are my favourite icon maker. Sadly I can’t come to winchestercon because it’s on the same weekend as my Lex’s 40th birthday, but I will see you next spring in NYC, and I CAN’T WAIT. ♥


I love on you more than anyone else and yet never manage to get bored doing it. You adopted me after reading my first story and we formed this incredibly special friendship with each other, that is an integral part of my life now. We really *get* each other, in ways that other people don’t get us. I love your sense of humour, your beautifully comic angry side, your fierce loyalty to the people you care about, your intolerance of fools, your extraordinary way with words, your good soul. You and Me? OTP.


Darling K. You’re somebody I have an extraordinary connection with. I love the way you think, the way you never stop thinking. I love how having a conversation with you is always so rewarding. I love how you feel, the way you never stop feeling. You’re honest and kind and never short of fascinating. I love how we share the same values. I love your sense of humour, your brilliant mind, your gentle nature. I am so grateful to have met you and to have spent time with you in person. You are a dear friend and you mean the world to me.


A sweeter woman I don’t think I’ve ever met. I love how open you are with your feelings. You put yourself out there and you’re willing to risk getting hurt, because that’s the only way to live life and I admire it so much in you. We have a similar philosophy. I always love your comments in my LJ: your willingness to banter with me, or to joke around, or to talk more seriously – you’ve made it so easy for us to get to know each other, and I love that about you. You’re a wonderful person and you shouldn’t ever forget that.


Ginger! I just. How do I put this into words? You friended me one day and I noticed and I was like, huh, that’s Nan’s aussie fangirl friend. Isn’t she a supernatural fan? What the heck does she want with me? And then… we became *instant* friends. Like, I can’t actually imagine LJ without you here. It’s unthinkable. You’re this force of nature, with the biggest heart in the world, the dirtiest mind, the most wild sense of humour. I feel like we have this sort of… okay this is cheesy, but… *sisterly* bond with each other. We disagree on so many things (TOM WELLING IS HOT SHUTUP) but on the important things, we’re completely in sync. I love you babe.

To be continued...
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