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I took the day off work because I feel sort of sick today. My throat hurts anyway and being at home on a Friday is better than being at work.

Sock Puppet Theatre!

I had the best time! I think we should do it at least annually. You were all very funny and I love how so many people got into it. Please all go here, and tell annalazarus who your sockpuppet was so we can all find out the truth. I have some suspicians about who some of them belonged to but it was harder to tell than I thought it would be.

Also, there is a new community I'd like to alert you to. Made by mskatej_fan (I have NO CLUE who you are but you're my favourite sock by far!) and it's already got members:



So far it's pretty quiet over there, but I'm sure they're planning to send me postcards or something soon. RIGHT?

Other favourite socks were kalansfanboy, who has been around for years so I wonder if I'll find out who he/she is. Whoever you are, you trolled brilliantly. I also loved the_anti_minion (i have a suspician about you), iamzodkneel (i know who you are), tony_the_linter (of course. YOU WIN. <3), imriel11, effoff2sga (BRILLIANT. So funny), and fobrulz made me laugh a lot too (and I think I know who you are).

Basically I'm not telling you my guesses in case I'm wrong, but I will tell you after I find out if I was right or not, and you will just have to believe me.

Tell me your favourites! Point out threads to me that are hilarious and that I might have missed! I have fuck all to do today so giggling over puppet lunacy is as good a way to pass the time as any.

PS. I love Titof.
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