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Titof porn!

Okay! I have porn for you. Not me really. But my girl toadstoolsmiles. SHE DID ALL OF THIS. So you don't even need to thank me, you need to thank HER.

This is Titof porn. Although it's not all him. I've only seen scenes 2 and 3 all the way through because I had to go out, but they're the ones that feature him (the most) so I had to watch them and be late for going out, and yes, he is the single sexiest thing I've ever seen ever. He's just so HOT. And his cock is HUGE. And he enjoys sex SO SO MUCH. Sadly, none of the other guys here are especially attractive, but he really does make up for it. *PLEASEDSIGH*

The scene descriptions are by Becky, who's dilligently watched all of these so many times she may have gone blind.


Files need to be renamed to .avi (they are currently .via)

Files are uploaded with 'Up-File'. Click the link and scroll down to the ad bar to start the download.

Scene 1
Taurus + Bertrand (with some kind of leather swinging thing...)

Scene 2
Kevin + Junior, being filmed by Titof (Who loses his shirt and gets his cock out at the end)

Scene 3
Taurus + Enzo (who have wings, wtf?) get it on with Titof. A lot.

Scene 4
Titof fucks Betrand in what seems to be a really uncomfortable position. And in a regular position, theres also kissing, a bit.

Scene 5
Is two (pretty) people fucking on a bed, while a man plays the piano and some strange old fat guy (A famous french porn person if my French translating) gets sucked by some other guy. Incidentally, on the website it shows Titof getting his cock sucked at the same time as fat old guy (by the same guy), this isn't in the scene. I like to think this is a recreational cock sucking, as that would amuse me

PS. I added Titot to my Interests and I'm the only person on the whole of LJ to do so! ETA! Except now slod. OF COURSE. ♥
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