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SMG, Mickey J, Ryan, and PORN

According to IMDB Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jnr’s marriage is on the rocks. YAY! I really hate him and have always thought that she could do much better.
I came across a lot of neat things whilst looking for info on the Shai porn ads, and here is a treat for you all: An MTV clip of Michael Jackson’s Motown 25 Performance of Billie Jean, where he first did the moon walk! What I love about it is how when he does it, the crowd gets really excited, then he stops, and then a bit later he does it *again* and the crowd goes NUTS. It’s an amazing piece of pop history.

I saw The Notebook yesterday. It made me cry and I found it very romantic. And now I understand the Ryan Gosling love!
Why the hell is gay porn so expensive?!
Yes I spent an embarrassing amount of time yesterday trying to find out about Titoff, or Titof, so I could, like, buy some porn. Mostly he’s done straight porn, but I’m not really interested in that. Fake boobs and fake orgasms don’t get me hot. Plus, watching him suck cock was the absolute highlight of my weekend. Also, the kissing! He looks SO HOT kissing. I love Shai and want to replace all of my clothes with Shai clothes.
Anwyay, I managed to find a couple of titles which sound really really good: College Cocks and Titof and the College Boys. I read a truly hilarious, if slightly creepy, recap of College Cocks and Titof and the College Boys is clearly a gem. I have to see these films.
The second one you can get in the UK, but check this out: it’s thirty quid!
That’s OBSCENE. And not in a good way! I like my porn like I like my drugs: FREE.
I would never pay thirty quid for a two hour movie, I don’t care how much buttfucking it has in it. I might pay thirty quid for a season of television, but a two hour movie? I really think that's overpriced. I do.

And they all seem to be that expensive. HOW COME? Porn has to be the cheapest kind of film to make ever. 

If I end up buying that movie I will be so annoyed with myself.

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