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Really very very hot porn

Y'all like hardcore porn right?

giggleloop linked to this earlier today and I just HAVE to talk about it.

Fashion label Shai, hired porn stars to um, help sell their clothes. BRILLIANT. On their interactive website, you have a choice of catalogues to download, although you don't need to download anything to check out the porn. And when I say porn, I mean, you have the choice of three short vids to watch: male/male, male/female, female/female and it's HARDCORE PORN. Which you can just... WATCH.

I have watched all three, shockingly, and they are, without a doubt, the hottest pieces of porn I've *ever* seen. Beautifully shot, all to the same song, all with the same theme: gorgeously hot people, removing great clothes and having incredibly passionate sex. I am very very much in lust with the green shirted guy in the m/m one. I believe his name is Titoff. Hee. I may go porn shopping tomorrow and buy ALL OF HIS MOVIES. But yeah, they're ALL hot. (I may have watched them quite a few times.)

Anyway, if you enjoy watching porn, there is literally *something for everyone* here. Really really really good. Seriously. Don't click on this at work, obviously, because this *is* hardcore. Honestly don't be fooled by the fact that it's advertising for a *cothing label*.


Though yeah, discussions about how this sells clothes MOST WELCOME.

I'll be over here trying to pick my tongue up off the floor.

Happy Saturday night!
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