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AND! I saw the preview for next week, which was brief but oh so very exciting! BANG!

I have nothing useful to say at all. NOTHING! But that bit when House gave Cuddy an injection in her ASS and he spent AGES like, *caressing* her before he stuck it in her, was SOOOOOOOOOO hot. FUCK. I love her. She's the sexiset, snarkiest, coolest woman on television EVER. I loved every single one of their scenes together. He was all, "pick someone you *like*" and then she went to see him to thank him for giving her the injections but that was her way of saying, "I like YOU." I want YOU to be the father of my baby. And he TOTALLY understood that.

GUH! I really think that they should fuck. I mean that sincerely. It's more traditional! And WAY hotter than fertalisationalism. Okay, so the rest of the episode was actually kind of boring but my new OTP *completely* made up for it with their sizzling sexual chemistry. They so obviously want each other. *puddle of mush*

I'm so behind and none of you even remember what I'm talking about but I don't care!

Is there any good House/Cuddy fic out there? And when I say "good" I mean, extremely well written, with accurate characterisations, and a long, drawn out, well done sex scene. You know it has to be porny because this is me we're talking about, but I'm allergic to bad porn so don't just rec me any old thing (if indeed any of you have read anything good). And I'm probably not interested in detailed descriptions of House's naked body. Just fyi. Anyone? I've never read House fic before but I hear most of it is pretty dire and I'd rather avoid it if it's not awesome.

Bloody Grey's Anatomy is on now. I suppose I should force myself to watch it and be weirdly bitter that it's not House.

*wanders off*
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