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Lex has gone. And I thought today was my LJ anniversary and I was going to do a nice happy post full of love but actually that's tomorrow so I'll do that then, and today I will moan about life for a little bit, because life kind of sucks right now.

First though, the gay wedding I went to on Saturday was so much fun and I looked pretty in my dress and my shoes and they didn't even kill my feet (much). I danced with one of the professors I work with and we were so awesome that I got complimented on my dancing by a dancer. \o/ I hope to get some photos from someone who took photos so I can share the glory with y'all.

Then everything went bad because my other flatmate, Juliet, who's been here a month, told me she's moving out as WELL.  First Hamish leaves, then Pete says he's leaving, now Juliet. I kind of hate them right now and can't even look them in the eye, because I'm thinking the best thing for ME to do in this situation is to move out as well. Which bites. As much as I love this house (and I really really do - it's the best house I've ever lived in) I don't want to be left in charge of it. No one is ever going to stay in the attic room for long because it's not a good room and I really don't want to have to keep finding replacements. I suppose I could get a couple to move in to Pete's room, but really, the whole thing is too depressing to contemplate. I feel miserable and scared and the thought of moving somewhere new is awful and the thought of staying here and having strangers move in is somehow worse and I really don't know what to do. I waver between crying and not thinking about it.

I wish I could post something entertaining right now, but instead I'm going to beg my super flist to cheer me up with any of the following:
  • porn
  • pictures of hot people
  • jokes
  • happy stories
  • whatever comes to mind
There's no need to be sympathetic, seriously. I'm not really the type to appreciate sympathy and I'd much rather you made me laugh. Now I'm going to go read the rest of that msscribe bio, omg. I'm up to chapter 5 and it just keeps getting crazier.

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