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HOUSE! and grey's.

Grey's Anatomy: I HATE VOICEOVERS.  Especially lame voiceovers. And Meredith is LAME.

House: FAVOURITE SHOW OF ALL TIME. If channel five were that bit smarter they would play House after Grey's Anatomy so Grey's didn't look so shitty. I've said as much before and I'll probably say as much again.

Okay, so I have no clue really about the fandoms for shows other than SV (and SPN to a point). House has this fandom right, which has wars and craziness and wank and all sorts, and, despite being about as passionate as it's possible to be about a show, I've had no desire to, like, ever read fic or meta or write much about it or anything, so I miss out on all the drama. Which is a shame, given that I was born a drama queen. You don't even know. I avoid getting involved in drama as much as possible these days, but I think it's more laziness than anything else. I can't be BOTHERED. I like an easy life (ooh, that would make a good motto for me. I should icon that).

But yeah, I can't think of a show that I *enjoy* as much as I enjoy House. Every second of it fills me with happy glee. That there are people out there who dislike season 2 really baffles me (my friend Scott is one such person). I mean, yeah, I get too serious about SV, but I'm aware that it's because of madness, not because the show warrents such indepth feeling and thought and analysis. House deserves it more, I think, yet I can't imagine taking it more seriously than I do now because it's just so much damn *fun* to watch. I think reading anything negative about House would kill my buzz, because as it is, I watch it and it's pretty much the perfect show. I don't think too hard about it but I do appreciate its intelligence and how it's better quality teevee than everything else I watch.

Still, I think I will start dling it next season so I can keep up with the merkins and then I might even dive into the fandom and take sides and talk in all caps and say LULZ all the time. *plots*
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