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Well, I was going to post about how miserable I am today, because this morning Pete cornered me and told me that he’s moving out. His friend Dave - who I had truly appalling sex with last year - needs a new flatmate and the room is nearly £200 cheaper a month and Pete needs to save money so he can buy property or whatever and he actually had the cheek to say, “it’s been really hard for me,” as if he wants my sympathy or something. FUCK OFF. I’m feeling way too sorry for myself to feel sorry about how hard it’s been for YOU to make this decision. I’ve lived with Pete for three years and I need him and rely on him and he can’t leave me because Hamish just left and why why why do I have to deal with this all over again? My first instinct is always to run the fuck away and refuse to talk about it because the only reason he wants to talk tonight is to make himself feel better and I don’t want him to feel better about it because he SUCKS.
I may have cried a bit on my way to work this morning because I’m a big girl and I hate change.
Anyway, I was GOING to post about that but then I got here and checked my flist and saw the SV Love Meme that Boppy is hosting in her LJ and now I’m not miserable. Wow you guys. That shit is so freaking cool! I got a little teary (again) because of all the awesome love going on in our fandom. We ROCK. We are all so cool and sweet and I love us. I’m going to comment in a second with some love of my own. And extra special thanks to everyone who loved on me. I truly appreciate it.

PS. Happy birthday theotherej!
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