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I've decided to spend less time on the computer in the evenings (because my RSI has gotten so bad it's making me feel constantly sick so I really should try to avoid typing as much as possible [she says while typing up a post]) for a while, and instead, I'm going to A) spend time with friends and B) watch Smallville from the very beginning. 

See, I actually don't rewatch SV unless I love the episode, but that's all gonna change. Because I barely even remember a lot of eps. 

Last night I lay spreadeagled on my bed, and after having sex dreams about Clark and Lex and napping briefly, I watched three or four early eps and they were so cute I nearly decided to not officially go to bed and just stay up to watch Smallville all night long. 

Tonight I have to see my friend Rehana, and she'll expect me to get drunk and stuff, but really I want to go home and do EXACTLY WHAT I DID LAST NIGHT. 

Work is LAMEASS. I have to type a lot and it hurts and I can't even write stories at the moment because that hurts too. But on the bright side Lex (YAY LEX MY LEX NOT SV LEX) is coming to stay with me this weekend and I have Friday and Monday off work and I will AVOID the puter until maybe Monday afternoon and hopefully by then the pain won't be so bad and I can finish Norwich's birthday fic, which is partly done, although so far it's just a whole lot of twisted porn and nothing much else (SHOCK!).  Plots are overrated anyway.

candidlily has the coolest icon with an IM conversation on it between Clark and Lex, and I thought that might be fun to pretend, especially seeing as it's canon that Lex types in all caps when he's excited. I'm going to give Clark the username of PORNSTAR, and Lex will just be LEX, because it's adorable.

PORNSTAR: are you going to the Farmer's Market this year?
LEX: Dunno. When is it?
PORNSTAR: this w/e
LEX: Meh
PORNSTAR: go on. i'll be there.
LEX: WOOHOO. "Patricia! Cancel all my meetings on Saturday!"
LEX: You love it.
PORNSTAR: screw you.
PORNSTAR: i hate you.
LEX: No you don't. What are you wearing?


I'm so bored. Entertain me with random silliness! And pretend IM conversations!
Tags: random, real life, stupid, tv: smallville
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