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Life is good.

toadstoolsmiles has made it on to fandom_wank!  

First, she dared to express her opinion in her own journal about a, shall we say, sensitive issue. She managed to piss off my favourite author in fandom to such a degree that she was BANNED FOR LIFE from the author's journal, and then the author threatened her flist! Saying that if anyone disagreed with her opinion on this matter (yes, the hate memes alright) they would be defriended! 


And now everything is kicking off in the original thread and the FW thread. MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE. (Because if it wasn't going to be me to make it onto FW, I'm glad it was Becky. She totally earned it!)

Okay, so if it's not clear to you guys already, I LOVE WANK. Not participating in it, god no. But other people doing it, HELL YES! Because then they get mocked for it and that entertains me and makes me laugh. And I love to laugh. I *live* to laugh. You might tell me that my sense of humour is not very sophisticated, and that's fine, you're welcome to your opinion, but I will tell you this right now: if it's witty and timed just right, I don't mind if it's not nice and full of love. Hell, who wants to hear jokes about bunny rabbits? No one! 

Here's an example of what I find funny. My favourite joke about 5 years ago, which sadly I can no longer tell, was:

Why didn't Superman save Princess Diana?

Because he's a quadriplegic.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA It's still funny, even though CR is dead. May he rest in peace.

I do have a point actually. Just because I find something funny that other people think is mean, doesn't make me a lesser person (or a nasty person. I am very nice as I'm sure you've all noticed). It just means I have a better different sense of humour.
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