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Hit me!

I'm back at work and it's the hottest weather of all time. Still, tomorrow I'm off to watch England play football in their first World Cup match and there will be much drinking and rowdyness and pretending I actually care (which I omg so don't). I love watching footie with boys though. I get all riled up and boys love talking about the game so much that they never mind answering my retarded questions, like, "what does 'off side' mean?"

Now, I've never done this before, mostly because I can't imagine any of you really care all that much, but *just in case* you do, here it is.

If any you have any burning questions for me, as personal or as impersonal as you like, fannish or non-fannish, ask them here. I'm not remotely secretive, and I'm very honest. 

Feel free to ask anonymously if you're shy or if you don't want me to know it's you. *g* 

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