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Porn and giggles

People are funny. All you bitches and all you people who hate the bitches and all you people who love the hate and all you people who love the love? 

You make my fandom experience THIS much better. I mean it. The haters make me laugh and the lovers make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I am deliriously happy to be part of fandom, with all its wank and its silly and its OUTRAGE over the bad behaviour of OMG *people*. Hee. 

More importantly, Jensen's new pics are AMAZING

And in the interest of doing something positive and kate-like, I will talk about porn for youse guys, coz I haven't done that in AGES. And I'm not gonna cut it so there.


When Clark gets excited, and his skin starts to prickle and he starts to sweat, he looks young. His eyes widen and his breathing quickens and he's prettier than an angel. He’s not vain and he’s not selfconscious. He loves being naked. He loves being hard. The only thing he’s worried about is hurting the person he’s with.
Let’s call him Lex.
But sometimes he forgets all about his strength and he forgets to worry because he’s so turned on and so close to the edge and all he wants to do is come. Sometimes, when Lex has his hand wrapped around Clark’s cock and he’s  whispering dirty things in Clark’s ear, Clark can’t do anything other than buck up into Lex’s tight fist and stare at Lex’s mouth. He can’t speak, he can hardly breathe. Then he loses control and it’s lucky that Lex heals quickly because he’s fractured a few bones during his sessions with Clark. Not that that would stop Lex. Nothing could stop Lex from fucking Clark. And who can blame him?  Everyone loves Clark when he’s horny (especially me).
Tags: actor: jensen ackles, character: clark kent, character: lex luthor, clex, fandom, porn
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